Alex Poulos (PhD) – Full Stack Developer

Academic CV.

Χαῖρε! By day I work as a technologist in the Washington DC area; I moonlight as a scholar of Ancient Greek and Latin literature. The latter has as an outlet. This site is a primarily for musings, observations, and other sorts of writing on technology.

Like many of my generation, I began writing code in middle school on a TI-83+ graphing calculator. I’ve been writing software on and off since. I did Java and Linux development at IBM for 3.5 years while in university, and then returned to technology full-time in the spring of 2019, after finishing a PhD in Classical Literature at Catholic University of America. My dissertation was a study of the ancient Greek poetry of the early Christian poet Gregory of Nazianzus.

Tech-wise, you can see my resume . I presently work full-time as an IT Engineer for the University of Maryland, College Park. I start a new job as a developer for Arc Publishing (i.e. the Washington Post) in July 2020. I’ve also done freelance work; most recently I’ve been working with a friend on public health software for planning health campaigns. I hold the AWS Solutions Architect, Associate certification.

My tech stacks of choice, at present:

I also have a fair amount of experience building and deploying containerized apps in both AWS (ECS) and GCP (GKE). I’ve done a smattering of mobile development, some in Swift and some in React Native. I love wrapping my mind around complicated systems and making different pieces work together: it’s not unlike rendering a difficult piece of Ancient Greek verse into English!